Do you have sufficient Wi-Fi coverage?

Since most of the devices are using wireless technology its important your equipment is able to cover your area. Using the sophisticated methods, latest technologies and equipment we are able to provide you a full coverage.

  • Large Houses
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Outdoor Coverage

Public Places Wireless Solutions

In public places its important to use professional Routers and Access Points in order to support extended number of users surfing at the same time. Without the proper setup disconnections and limited users can access the internet simultaneously.

  • Hotels / Apartments
  • Cafe / Bars
  • Restaurants / Parks
  • Hospitals / Clinics
  • Business Buildings / Offices

Long Range Point to Point Connections

Long Range Wireless Connections (up to 30 Km) are now available in order to provide an economic solution for point to point buildings. This method can achieve direct connection with the secondary point, fast communication and lower costs for internet usage since only the one point have to pay an Internet Service. Its important that the 2 buildings have a clear path between them in order to achieve a Point to Point.

Who We Are:

TZ Computers entered the Digital Market in Cyprus initially dedicated to computer services and simple network design and implementation. During since, TZ Computers has been involved in several projects gaining knowledge and developing the professional responsibility required in the Cyprus market.

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